Couples Portrait

March 26, 2020

Catawaba Falls with Hailey and Karen

Hailey is a good friend I’ve worked with for a few years now and I was very excited when she asked me to help her surprise Karen with a photoshoot for Valentine’s day. Hailey is constantly looking for new adventures and different dates to enjoy with Karen. She requested to take photos alongside Catawaba falls to document one of her and Karen’s earlier adventures here in NC.







Plus, when you’re in love, having an amazing time, who doesn’t want to hold that kiss for just a bit longer.


The weather was perfectly chilly and we had an amazing hike getting to the waterfall.

I talked with Hailey before the shoot about practicing some long exposure techniques to really capture the beauty of the waterfall alongside the two of them.

This meant some awkwardness, with a little extra time holding some poses, but they both were super eager to help with the creative process and it really paid off.






I’ve spent a little time with both Hailey and Karen together, but it this was a wonderful way really get to know them as a couple. Combining an afternoon of hiking these beautiful waterfalls with my two beautiful friends- not to mention practicing some of my favorite landscape skills- easily made this one of my favorite afternoons.

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