I'm thrilled that you're taking a moment to learn more about me!

I am in the Triad, right between Winston and Greensboro, NC. I live for evenings and weekends with my sweet little family - which just grew by another little girl this spring! During the days I am a scientist and on my favorite days, a photographer.

I have been a taking pictures for more than two decades now, ever since my grandfather gifted me his Polaroid camera. Photography became a bit more than a hobby as I started to capture all of the landscapes I found along my adventures. And it evolved again with the arrival of my first daughter, Emma. I’ve really came to love documenting all of life’s little moments with her.

Pictures are important to me. I believe they really are the only tangible form of memories and memories are what make us, well us. From an engagement to announcing your expanding family, the perfect tininess of your newborn, or even just a family hike. Photos are there to help us remember any experience or part of our lives. And I would love to help you capture some of these moments, while we make new ones along the way.